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Projects that have actively used

Name Institution
A multi cloud (OpenStack) management platform with the capability to deploy services across multiple datacenters. The project will be used to deploy the MapTheWorld application. Ghent University - iMinds
All student related projects come here. Universiteit Gent
Automatic Monitoring for Cyberspace Applications Ghent University
CDAX Universiteit Gent
Cyber-secure DAta and Control Cloud for future power distribution networks Universiteit Gent
EU FP7 REGPOT Project University of Montenegro
Euler FP7 project iMinds-IBCN
Evaluation of RF-based indoor localization solutions Ghent University
FORGE compliant courses on iMinds infrastructure Universiteit Gent
Fostering innovation based research for e-Montenegro University of Montenegro
HTTP Adaptive Streaming experiments Ghent University - iMinds
IRATI FP7 iMinds
largetopics IBCN
LTE experimentation University of Gent
LTE experiments in Qosmotec IMinds - IBCN - UGENT
Motif discovery simulations with hadoop IBCN
Motif discovery simulations with hadoop IBCN
MPI Practicum for ODS iMinds
OpenEPC core network IMinds - IBCN - UGENT
OpenFlow in City Environment Ghent University
OpenFlow in Europe Linking Infrastructure and Applications Universiteit Gent
Project of the course ODS Ghent University - INTEC - IBCN - iMinds
Projects of M. De Wispelaere UGent - IBCN - iMinds
Run Hadoop/Other Benchmarks University Ghent
Service Centric Networking Ghent University
test OMF support iMinds iLab.t - IBCN - UGent
Tests of Gregory Van Seghbroeck University Ghent
Thesis Jeroen Vandensteen University Ghent
Thesis Olivier Rosseel 2013-2014 Ghent University
Thesisstudenten in kader v networkmining iMinds-IBCN
TWIRL wants to create an open platform able to process, mine, interlink and fuse data originating from real-world applications and online data sources Ghent University
USO Calculations Comsof
Video related experiments Ghent University - iMinds
Web Mining and Relation Extraction for Strategic Competitive Intelligence Internet Based Communication Networks and Services research group
Other projects registered on Emulab.Net:
Name Institution
A holding project for me Univ of Utah
Holding Project for geni slices -- DO NOT DELETE Any University
Project owned by testbed administrators UGent - IBCN - iMinds
SFA Aggregate Manager testing for Fed4Fire iMinds
simons project intec
Tests for ODS projects Ghent University - iMinds